This country has a mixture of South American and Caribbean culture. Guyana is one of the smallest countries in the northeast region of South America. Actually, not so small when it comes to offering visitors tourist attraction and enjoyment unheard of elsewhere. With an approximated population of only 750,000 inhabitants, Guyana is one of the least populated countries in the world. It is no wonder that Guyana is an unspoiled and unknown destination. Whether you choose to travel over water or a four-wheel drive or a light aircraft, the heady feeling of taking part in a great adventure will never leave you throughout the trip.

Rupununi Savannahs

In the southwest of Guyana, you will find the vast mind-blowing expanse that is known as the Rupununi Savannahs. The total area – including part of northern Brazil, is around 5,000 square miles of open grassland. Also incorporated in this golden landscape are miles of twisting palm-lined rivers and creeks, wildlife-rich wetlands, breathtaking rainforest-covered mountains, ancient Amerindian villages and cattle ranches worthy of the wild west. These forests hold over a thousand species of trees. Guyana’s tropical climate, geology, and relatively natural ecosystems support its rainforests and natural habitat. Over eight thousand varieties of plants grow in Guyana, many which are found anywhere else.

Large rivers

Guyana boasts of their large rivers which assist in passageways into its rich green rainforest and lush jungle areas. Berbice River, Demerara River, and the Essequibo Rivers are but a few of the more famous rivers found in this small country.  Sit and relax in the local café and enjoy the sight of the beautifully decorated and colorful Toucans or the Harpy Eagle as they are widely seen around the local landscape and countryside. Nowhere else on the earth are you afforded the opportunity to capture an exciting glimpse of the elusive blue colored Cock of the Rock birds which are plentiful around Kaieteur Falls.

Home of giants

Guyana, a country of giants, a land of myths and legends. Guyana is a haven for many large wildlife species including jaguars, tapir, bushmasters, giant anteater, giant otters, anacondas, black Caiman, Goliath Bird Spider, Harpy Eagles, arapaimas and leatherback turtles. This alone makes the country fascinatingly unique; rich with wildlife and new species regularly being discovered.

St. George’s Cathedral

Guyana’s most prominent tourist attractions and must-see sites include the tall, wooden edifices. These buildings have promoted the concept that the country has one of the tallest wooden structures within the complete world.

This country is home to an astonishing number of species of plant and animal life. You will be able to spot rare trees and animals – indeed some of them are endemic to this area. The ideal spot for the eco-tourist to discover both themselves and nature and feel at one with the beauty that this earth has to offer, this land has something for everyone. It is easy for you to be close to Mother Nature through this rich wilderness area.